Morfémák időzítési mintázatai tizenévesek és felnőtt beszélők megnyilatkozásaiban

  • Valérira Krepsz MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet


Duration of word stems and suffixes in spontaneous speech of teenagers and adults
This paper focuses on temporal characteristics of Hungarian words produced by teenage speakers and adults speakers. Analysis of word durations in an agglutinating language has captured much less attention so far. According to the Menzerath’s law, the number of segments in the words is reduced by the increase of the number of syllables the words consist of. This study intended (i) to explore this interrelation in spontaneously produced speech, (ii) to measure the durations of the stems and the suffixes in the words, and (iii) to show the effect of the speakers’ age on durations.
Results showed significant differences in durations of stems, suffixed words, and suffixes depending on age. Word stem durations varied depending on the number of syllables they consisted of while durations of the suffixes were stable. The suffix duration ratios showed decrease across word length in teenagers’ speech, while they were stable in adults. Temporal patterns seemed to support the emergence of Menzerath’s law which can be interpreted as an existing internal temporal organizer in spontaneous speech.

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