A temporális jellemzők szerepe a beszéd folyamatosságának percepciójában

  • Judit Bóna ELTE Fonetikai Tanszék


Temporal characteristics in the perception of fluency in native speech
The aim of the study is to analyse the role of speech rate and articulation rate, and duration, frequency and place of occurrence of pauses in the perception of speech fluency. Two experiments were carried out with the same material. A four-sentence coherent read speech sample was modified according to the analysed parameters: it was accelerated, slowed down, and pauses were modified, too. In the first experiment, participants were asked to rate on a five-point scale how fluent they perceived the speech sample. In the second experiment, participants were asked to compare pairs of speech samples according to their fluency. 32 young adults participated in the study. Results show that the place of occurrence, the duration and the frequency of pauses (number in 100 words) are the most important factors in the perception of fluency, while speech rate and articulation rate are less dominant.

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