A zárfelpattanás spektrális jegyei a hosszúsági oppozíció függvényében

  • Tilda Neuberger MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet
  • András Beke MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet


Spectral properties of stop burst depending on length

Abstract representations of geminates are reflected in the phonetic realisations. Phonetic examination of the two length categories (singleton vs. geminate) can provide a more accurate picture of Hungarian gemination process.

The present research investigates burst spectrum differences between Hungarian single and geminate stops. The data set contains manually segmented voiceless stop consonants in intervocalic positions from spontaneous speech samples. We analysed the following parameters: centre of gravity (CoG), standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis of burst spectrum, as well as root mean square (RMS) amplitude (mean, SD, maximum). Results proved major differences between singletons and geminates in terms of acoustic attributes of burst. This suggests that single and geminate stops differ not only in terms of durational but also of spectral properties.

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