Megakadásjelenségek 40 évvel ezelőtti és mai beszélők spontán beszédében

  • Anita Auszmann MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet


Disfluencies in spontaneous speech today and 40 years ago

As the society, language itself is changing continuously. It affects not only the speech production but also the speech planning. Dysharmony in speech planning processes may appear on the surface in terms of disfluencies. The aim of the present research was to carry out a comparative study using Szalag corpus (collection of speech materials produced in 70s of the last century) on the one hand, and BEA spontaneous speech database (containing speech materials of speakers living today), on the other. Results show that disfluencies like repetitions, filled pauses, restarts were significantly more frequent in spontaneous utterances of speakers that live today as opposed to those who lived 40 years ago. Our findings seem to highlight the factors, that are responsible for the speech planning difficulties of speakers living today, like
the frequent demand of fast disclosure of information.

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