A kibertér fogalma, értelmezése és fejlődése

  • Károly Szkála
  • Sándor Munk
Kulcsszavak: cyberspace geographic relationship, cloud service, distributed computing, Carpathian Basin


This article defines and systematizes the concept of cyberspace and the issues that are considered most important to the different interpretations associated with its components. The purpose of these questions is to help clarify the detailed content of the cyberspace interpretations of each field of application, to allow comparability of different interpretations, to discern their differences, and to increase the efficieny of information exchange. The paper highlights the most important components of cyberspace, reviews the activities of actors in the cyberspace, and presents the development trends of cyberspace. In addition, the article briefly introduces the potentials of an integrated cyberspace development in the Carpathian Basin.