The journal Hungarian Geographical Bulletin was established in 2009 as an initiative of leading researchers of the Geographical Research Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. (Between 1951 and 2008 it was published as Földrajzi Értesítő). The journal is aimed to publish the most important theoretical and empirical results and achievements born in physical and human geography in Hungary and geographical institutes of Central Europe.

The journal offers a wide range of topics featuring the factors of the geographical environment with a special reference to the natural resources and socio-economic relations and the emerging environmental hazards and socio-economic problems of the 21st century in Central European context.

Hungarian Geographical Bulletin has an international editorial and advisory board with members of high scientific reputation. The journal has been improving its publishing and scientific quality inviting national and international experts and referees as reviewers.

The quarterly is issued in English and in colour format. The issues of Hungarian Geographical Bulletin are available both in online and printed version.