A Freysmuth-fivérek

18. századi életrajz-rekonstrukció kéziratok és levéltári források segítségével

  • Irén Rab Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Kulcsszavak: peregrináció, Freysmuth fivérek, hungarus, életrajz-rekonstrukció


Digitalisation opens new era in the studies of ancient university peregrination and the students’ mentality. Documents used thus far but now re-organised will open new perspectives in the scientific research. The latest discovered sources reveal many new names of devoted patriotic men of letters, systems of visiting universities, students’ social networks, and parts of education. Additionally we learn also some unknown and incomplete stories about studying abroad. One of these unknown stories concerns the Freysmuth bordhers of Pressburg who visited German universities. This study presents their carrier, based on documents and manuscripts which were hardly used until now as scientific references. The author follows their lives from their home city (Pozsony, Bratislava) to specific German academies and their return to their home country, to the Hungarian Kingdom. The course of their life represents a typical "Hungarus Peregrinus", that of Hungarian students who visited western universities in the 18th century. 

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