Salamon Henrik emlékezete, születésének 150-ik évfordulójára

  • András Kóbor Semmelweis Egyetem, Fogpótlástani Klinika
Kulcsszavak: Salamon Henrik önéletrajza, a magyar stomatológia története, fogorvostörténet


Henrik Salamon one of the most famous doctors of the Hungarian Stomatology was born 150 years ago. After middle school graduation he was trained in dental technology and was engaged in this profession nearly for 10 years. Later he became student of the University Medical School in Budapest. After graduation he joined the famous clinic of professor Árkövy at the university. He specialised in materials science, odonto-technology, and later on orthodontia. He issued a number of textbooks and articles in these topics. He was also a member of editorial boards of numerous prestigious medical papers. Above these activities, we was the first author of a book about the history of the Hungarian Stomatology.


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