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Egészség és gyógyítás az ókori Egyiptomban (Szeged, 2014. május 9. – 2014. december 31.). Forgatókönyv

  • Hedvig Győry Szépművészeti Múzeum
Kulcsszavak: Egyiptom, fáraók kora, betegség, orvoslás, mágia, táplálkozás, higiéné, kiállítás, váróterem, rendelő


In 2014 the Fekete-ház, Szeged, housed an interactive exhibition about the ancient Egyptian medicine on the first floor. It was part of an exhibition series of the Móra Ferenc Múzeum on ancient Egyptian culture and aimed to present not only the knowledge we learned about this topic but give the impression of the erstwhile everyday life from this point of view. Thus the pharaonic unit was divided into two: the waiting room and the consulting room.

The first one had six panels about the health care (Periods and the human body / nutrition / hygiene) and about the treatment of the patient (diseases / rational medicine / healing magic) with educational panels at the narrower sides of the room containing prescriptions to fill in the determinatives of the materia medica, and reconstructed tactile objects and odoriferous powders. So that the „patients” could orientate physically and intellectually before meeting the physician(’s voice).

The consulting room had a reconstructed chair and bed where he/she could listen to the treatment according to the chosen paragraph of the Smith or Ebers papyrus. The hieratic text was projected on the wall so that the quotations and the explanations were clearly separated.

The script starts with the concept, the structure, then gives the list of objects, reconstructions, installations, photos and the various labels, and ends with some notes from the guest book.


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