Az ipari forradalmak és az infokommunikációs fejlődés földrajzi összefüggései a nemzetközi szakirodalom tükrében

  • Éva Kiss CSFK Földrajztudományi Intézet, Budapest
  • Tibor Tiner CSFK Földrajztudományi Intézet
Kulcsszavak: ipari forradalom, információs és kommunikáció technológia (ICT), helyválasztás, foglalkoztatás, regionális fejlődés


Several industrial revolutions have occurred historically that can be considered important milestones in the history of mankind. Each of them has brought about enormous social and economic changes and their feats of engineering have also considerably contributed to the development of telecommunications. Based on the international literature, the main aim of this study is to demonstrate the connection between industrial revolutions and the development of telecommunication in a historical context. The article also attempts to reveal some geographical aspects of this relationship, focusing on the third and fourth industrial revolutions when the development of telecommunications accelerated as well. Different research has proven that info-communication has had a great impact on economic development as well as on location choice, employment, and regional development. However, the geographical consequences of the fourth industrial revolution in particular cannot be seen clearly yet, as spatial changes require more time, but in the future they can be very significant on both global and local levels.