About the Journal

Aims and Scope
IBVS is an international, peer-reviewed, fully open-access, electronic-only journal focused on the research of variable stars. The journal is published by Konkoly Observatory, Research Centre of Astronomy and Earth Sciences, in Hungary.
IBVS publishes original short papers on every field of variable star research, as well as special papers and notes: minima/maxima times of variables, short notes on observational results, and reports on newly discovered variables. 
Short history of the journal
IBVS was founded by Prof. László Detre following the decision of the IAU Commission 27 at the  IAU General Assembly held in Berkeley, CA, in 1961. IBVS was originally intended to be a rapid communications platform for the variable star community, but it soon expanded into a more classical journal, publishing short papers and notes on variable stars as well.  The electronic edition started in 1994, and the print edition ceased in 2011, No. 6000 being the last issue printed. Formal peer review of the manuscripts was introduced in 1995. 
IBVS is published under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 license.  You are free to share and remix the works and data presented here; however, you must give appropriate credit to the journal and the original authors, and clearly indicate any changes from the source material. You may not apply any legal or technological restrictions to others to do the same.