Authority proceedings on water rights

  • István Turkovics University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Institution of Political Sciences, Department of Administrative Law
Keywords: water law, water rights, water management, administrative law


Typically, strong relations between the different specialised areas can be present, which has been formed as a result
of overlaps taking place in the course of fulfilling different area-related tasks. It can be observed that even the
administrative area the subject of which is water, i.e. a natural resource, will exist as a mixture of several
administrative areas. It is because water-related administrative tasks can be considered as specific issues related to
other administrative areas. Accordingly, it can be stated that water rights in terms of viewing it from the
perspective of administrative law is the complete set of legislations, the administrative subject of which is focused on
water as a public natural treasure. However, this caused a new regulatory area to be evolved, the rules of which
have to be enforced through special proceedings.


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