The catalyst for Central European agricultural, environmental and energy law scholarship


Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Law (hereinafter referred to as: Journal) is the English name of the Hungary-based journal titled ’Agrár- és Környezetjog’.


As a unique Central European interdisciplinary forum, the Journal publishes comprehensive articles of high academic quality in the field of agricultural, environmental and energy law, as well as in other fields and branches of law in connection with the three dimensions (in particular, its social and economic dimension) of sustainable development, taking into account the strong link between the Central European region and agriculture. Manuscripts are also accepted from other countries and regions than of Central Europe on such topics that may serve as an example for Central European development. Primarily, the JAEL publishes articles in English language in order to break down obstacles faced by legal systems deriving from the different languages and in order to make information change between the region’s countries and the constructive critical comparison possible.


The Journal is a peer-reviewed journal of CEDR - Hungarian Association of Agricultural Law, which is published online twice a year.


The Journal’s emphasised aim is to develop not only Hungary's but also all Central European countries’ legal system, as well as to integrate agricultural, environmental and other related areas and branches of law into international academic life. Due to this, the Editorial Board of JAEL considers important that the authors submit their manuscripts in English. With this solution – in the opinion of the Editorial Board – the Journal can contribute to the development of legal systems of the Central European region’s countries, but it can also make the achievements of national legal scholarship visible and available for international legal academic scholarship.


The Journal's primary objective is to publish original articles on agricultural law, environmental law and energy law issues by legal scholars and even by non-legal scholars, if the requirements of the Journal are met. Beyond the publication of scholarly articles, authors can also submit other types of academic works to the Journal (for example, book or conference review).


The Journal also publishes special issues (for example, conference-related issues or issues for students’ articles).