A hangos olvasás időviszonyainak vizsgálata különböző életkorú férfi beszélőknél

  • Ákos Gocsál PTE Művészeti Kar Zeneművészeti Intézet, Pécs & MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet Fonetikai Osztály, Budapest


The temporal structure of read speech of male speakers of different ages

The purpose of the present study was to demonstrate if differences exist between Hungarian male speakers of different ages in (1) speech rate and (2) frequency and duration of pauses when their read speech is analysed. As expected, a strong correlation was found between age and the tempo values, however, the difference between the two tempo values, i.e. speech rate and articulation rate did not correlate with age. The number of pauses did not correlate with age and the durations of pauses between sentences did not vary by age either. It is concluded that the older speakers’ lower speech rate is a result of slower articulation and is not due to differences in the frequency or duration of pauses, however, it was also found that several speech parameters covered a wider range in older speakers, suggesting the existence of ’typical’ and ’atypical’ aged voices.