Christian Values in the Constitutions of Serbia and Greece

A Comparative Overview

  • Dalibor Đukić Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: Christian values, Constitution of Serbia, Constitution of Greece, state-religion relations, constitutional principles


Christian values are the foundation of modern European societies. Suffice it to say that the most important European philosophers and cultural movements have originated from Christian environments. The constitutional history and tradition of the majority of the European countries are proof of the strong influence of Christianity and Christian churches on the creation and constitutional organisation of the modern European states. The subject matter of this work is a comparative analysis of the current Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and the Constitution of Greece, with the aim of identifying the Christian values comprised in their constitutional provisions. This work has two fundamental hypotheses. The first one is that the constitutions of both these countries comprise a substantial number of constitutional norms with Christian origins and foundations. The second hypothesis is that the Constitution of Greece comprises more provisions that demonstrate close connections between the state and Christianity. This is a consequence of the fact that in Greece, there have been no interruptions in the continuity of the constitutional tradition, unlike the case with Serbia during the communist rule.