Does Brexit Mean Brexit? The Enforcement of Intra-EU Investment Awards in the Post-Brexit Era

  • Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi School of Law, Birmingham University
Keywords: intra-EU arbitration, ISDS, enforcement and recognition, Brexit, BITs, ECT, Micula v. Romania


This article uses an analytical approach in order to dissect the major legal issues concerning the enforcement of intra-EU awards post-Brexit. The outcomes of the enforcement cases will depend on the country where enforcement is sought (EU Member States, the UK, and other third countries), the applicable legal regime pursuant to which enforcement is sought (the New York Convention or the ICSID Convention), various temporal factors (whether certain key moments in the arbitral proceedings occurred before or after the end of the Brexit transition period), and whether the intra-EU cases are based on intra-EU BITs or the ECT, or both. Due to this complexity, there is no easy answer as to how the various issues arising from the post-Brexit enforcement of intra-EU awards should be solved. This is most unfortunate as it creates uncertainty for investors, host States, and national courts of enforcement alike.