The Christian Roots of Hungary’s Fundamental Law

  • Balázs Schanda Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary; Judge, Constitutional Court of Hungary
Keywords: Hungary, Christianity, Fundamental Law, Christian roots


According to the statements made on the fifth anniversary of the Fundamental Law, the truly important question is what the chances are that the Fundamental Law will live to see its fiftieth anniversary. In this regard, the defining content is important and not the form: Will the essence that defines the nature of the Fundamental Law withstand the test of time? The identity of the Fundamental Law is determined by its commitment and not the various technical legal details. The substantive question remains the same on the tenth anniversary: Is it possible to preserve a vision of man based upon the harmony between individual freedom and responsibility for the community; and the commitment to the identity of the state and nation, the matters of the state, and marriage and the institution of family?