Parameterizing the modified water cloud model to improve soil moisture data retrieval using vegetation models

Keywords: NDVI, EVI, SAR, Sentinel, WCM


The objective was to parameterize a modified water cloud model using crop coefficients (A and B). These crop coefficients were derived from Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data. Whereas the coefficients C and D are of soil parameters. The water cloud model was modified using crop coefficients by minimizing the RMSE between observed VVσ0 and Sentinel-1 based simulated VVσ0. The comparison with observed and simulated VV polarized σ0 showed low RMSE (0.81 dB) and strong R2 of 0.98 for NDVI-EVI combination. However, based on other  possible combinations of vegetation indices VVσ0 and simulated VVσ0 do not show a good statistical agreement. It was observed that the errors in crop coefficients (A and B) are sensitive to errors in initial vegetation/canopy descriptor parameters.


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