A helynévrendszer változása az ugocsai Hontpázmány-birtoktesten

Kulcsszavak: helynevek, névváltozás, másodlagos nevek, Egres, Hontpázmány birtok, Ugocsa megye, Kárpátalja, magyar helynevek, történeti helynévkutatás


Changes in the toponymic system in the Hontpázmánys’ estate in Ugocsa county

The paper examines the derivation of new place names from earlier place names in the toponymic system of the western part of the Hontpázmánys’ estate in Ugocsa county. The analysed corpus consists of place names from the mid-13th century up to 2008. Only place names in the cases of which the new toponym (the secondary name) was derived from an existing toponym (the basic name) by way of changing the denotative meaning are observed. The study starts with a short overview of the history of the estate; then presents the relations of toponymic derivations and modern place-name etymologies using the settlement name Egres as an example. The author examines the proportion of basic and secondary names in comparison with other names, when toponymic derivations are concerned. The distribution of name types in the two layers, and the structural features of basic and secondary names are also explored. Finally, the characteristics of name formation regarding secondary names are exposed.

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