About the Journal

The journal publishes the authors’ own, original articles and does not consider for publication manuscripts that have already been published elsewhere or submitted to other journals, periodicals or publications. Guidelines provided at the end of the current issue offer further detailed information on submission and publication policy. When submitting the manuscript, the author automatically accepts the terms and conditions in the Guidelines. Publishers do not charge the author for reviewing the submitted manuscript or, in case of positive reviews, for publication.

Authors are entitled, with no restriction in time and free of charge, to publish (via e-mail, on the author’s webpage, on the website of the author’s institution, on the author’s institutional or university repository with open or restricted access or on other non-profit servers) the pre-print version (i.e. the non-final version accepted by the editorial board for publication, with the corrections suggested by the peer-reviewers) of their manuscripts. When disseminating the article in this way, the author is required to warn the readers that the manuscript in question is not the final, published version of the article. If the final version of the article has already been published in print or online, it is advisable and allowed for the author to use the post-print version. In the latter case, the complete bibliographic details of the journal publication are expected to be indicated. The author is entitled to keep the copyright of the article; in case of a reprint, however, the author is obliged to indicate the complete bibliographic details of the first publication by Névtani Értesítő.

Névtani Értesítő is an Open Access (Gold) journal. All articles published in the journal in electronic format are allowed to be downloaded, copied, and used unaltered with bibliographic details referenced. Applications are not for commercial purposes. In case of any form of distribution and use Law LXXVI of 1999 on copyright and related rules and regulations apply. The online version of the journal is under the terms and conditions of the CC BY-NC-ND license.

All articles published in Névtani Értesítő can be used under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.