Személynév – etnikai sztereotípia – előítélet

Egy vizsgálat háttere és tanulságai

  • Judit Takács Eszterházy Károly Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: személynevek, etnikai sztereotípiák, előítélet, kategorizáció, roma személynevek, Orsós, Lakatos, magyar személynevek


Personal name – ethnic stereotypes – prejudices. Findings of an examination

The paper examines categorization and stereotypes from the perspective of social psychology, using the findings of so-called type creation and prototype theory. In connection with a group of personal names, i.e. the names that can be related to Roma ethnic groups, the author analyses the processes of developing stereotypes and prejudices, focusing primarily on how proper names as potential information sources to judge ethnic categories are involved in developing stereotypes. The author’s findings show that the correlation between the examined ethnic-marking first and/or family names (Levente Szabó, Bence Orsós, Rikárdó Kovács, Renátó Lakatos) and the assessments of the papers handed in is insignificant. Even the strongest correlation based on variation analysis is insignificant, which means that the results deduced from over 300 assessments examined by the author do not support the assumed connection between ethno-stereotypical names and lower grades in school. With respect to the examined typical ethnic-marking name form consisting of both a first and a family name (Renátó Lakatos) positive discrimination cannot be unambiguously proven either on the basis of the materials at hand.

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