Névkezelési szabályok a magyar könyvtári feldolgozásban

  • Panna Szabó ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: tulajdonnevek, könyvtári katalógus, személynevek, helynevek, intézménynevek, tulajdonnevek egységesítése, névterek


Rules of name management in Hungarian library processes

The paper describes the currently valid rules for recording proper nouns in Hungarian library cataloguing. For publications and manuscripts, the name types that must be recorded include, among others, authorship (name or organisational name), the place of publication (geographical name), personal and geographical names, and in the ‘about’ field event names and organisational names may be recorded. According to the rules of data processing, a distinction is made between description and classification, i.e. the name forms on the documents and the standardized name forms in descriptions. This latter type is regulated by Hungarian standards published between the end of the 1970s and the mid-1980s and a 2005 regulation. As these documents were made in the period of pre-computerized index cards, many libraries have created their own local rules for the present day. Technical development, the request for libraries to match their databases and the possibilities of turning to foreign catalogues put emphasis on the need for updating Hungarian standards and introducing so-called name spaces to ensure consistency.

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