Látszólagos- és valóságosidő-vizsgálatok Pród helynevei körében

  • KATALIN E. NAGY Debreceni Egyetem


Apparent-time and real-time studies of place names in Pród

This paper contains a socio-onomastic examination of the place names of Pród, a small town in Hajdú-Bihar county. The empirical research focuses on the applicability of the apparent-time and real-time studies to the sociology of place names. In a follow-up study (panel study), the author compared the place name knowledge of some residents of Pród in 2013 and in 2019. The panel study revealed that in the six and a half years between the two surveys, children’s and young people’s knowledge of names expanded greatly. In the middle of one’s life, the number of known names – which sometimes increases vastly, in many cases almost doubles – begins to stagnate, and after that only minimal reduction or expansion can be observed in the established toponymic knowledge. This general tendency may be influenced by changes in one’s knowledge of names resulting from unique living situations or life events.

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