Review of the Anotylus cimicoides species group (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae)

  • György Makranczy Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, H-1088 Budapest, Baross u. 13, Hungary
Keywords: Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Oxytelinae, Anotylus, new species, new synonyms, lectotypes, neotype, brachypterous, endemics, key, Palaearctic and Oriental regions


As a result of the moving of Oxytelopsis Fauvel, 1895 into the mega-diverse Anotylus Thomson, 1859 as a species group (A. cimicoides species group) a number of actions were necessitated (treating homonymies and ending changes inflicted by different gender of genera), forcing the reexamination of the involved taxa. This review is focused on the Oriental region and the transitional Himalayan area (including the southern provinces of China). 15 species are described as new to science: Anotylus coonoor sp. n. (India: Tamil Nadu), A. ganapati sp. n. (Nepal: Eastern Region), A. gunung sp. n. (Thailand: Yala prov.), A. hartmanni sp. n. (Nepal: Western Region), A. ijen sp. n. (Indonesia/Java: Banyuwangi), A. jambi sp. n. (Indonesia/Sumatra: Jambi), A. kabasi sp. n. (Indonesia/Sumatra: N. Sum.), A. linaxi sp. n. (China: Yunnan), A. riedeli sp. n. (Indonesia/Java: Bandung), A. rurukan sp. n. (Indonesia/Sulawesi: Tomohon), A. schawalleri sp. n. (Malaysia/Borneo: Sabah), A. schillhammeri sp. n. (Myanmar: Chin State), A. schuelkei sp. n. (China: Yunnan), A. tanator sp. n. (Indonesia/Sulawesi: Tanah Toraja), A. topali sp. n. (Vietnam: Ninh Binh). The following new synonymies are proposed: A. chinensis (Bernhauer, 1938) = Oxytelopsis shibatai Ito, 1987, syn. n., A. cimicoides (Fauvel, 1895) = Oxytelopsis taiwana Ito, 1987, syn. n., A. malaisei (Scheerpeltz, 1965) = Oxytelopsis gardneri Paulian, 1940 (preoccupied), syn. n., A. pseudopsinus (Fauvel, 1895) = Oxytelopsis rufotestacea Cameron, 1925, syn. n., Oxytelopsis brevipennis Bernhauer, 1926 (preoccupied), syn. n., Oxytelopsis chapmani Cameron, 1934, syn. n., Oxytelopsis nigripennis Cameron, 1934, syn. n., Oxytelopsis cassagnaui Coiffait, 1982, syn. n., and lectotypes are designated for the following nominal species: Oxytelopsis andrewesi Cameron, 1930, Oxytelopsis anguliceps Cameron, 1934, Oxytelopsis apicipennis Fauvel, 1895, Oxytelopsis chinensis Bernhauer, 1938, Oxytelopsis cimicoides Fauvel, 1895, Oxytelopsis lucidula Cameron, 1936, Oxytelopsis nigricans Cameron, 1933 and Oxytelopsis pseudopsina Fauvel, 1895. A neotype for Oxytelopsis franzi Coiffait, 1982 is designated from Nepal (Central, prov. Bagmati), very near its original type locality. All the treated species are illustrated with colour habitus images and line drawings of their male genitalia and terminalia, spermathecae (where available) are illustrated for the new species.

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MakranczyG. (2017). Review of the Anotylus cimicoides species group (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Oxytelinae). Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 63(2), 143-262.