Medikalizált nézőpont Csáth Géza novellájában

Nevetés, hatalom és erotika (Johanna)

  • Nagy Hilda ELTE BTK Irodalomtudományi Doktori Iskola


Hilda Nagy
Medical perspective in a short story by Géza Csáth
Laughter, authority and eroticism (Johanna)

The purpose of this study is to approach Géza Csáth’s Johanna from a medical perspective inspired by the medical humanities and by medical narratives. I argue that
the relationship between literature and medicine can be better understood by applying not only the writer’s (psycho)biography but taking into account the transnational
problems of the period and the interdisciplinary context. However, this paper does not want to separate the short story and the author from each other,
instead it wishes to highlight a productive duality, especially how real life and fiction react to each other. The main topics: the potential function of laughter, authority
and eroticism; a narratological approach plays also an important role in the interpretation, especially of the relation between them.