Sorozatszerűség és kalkulálhatóság a modern irodalomban

  • Bengi László ELTE BTK Összehasonlító Irodalom- és Kultúratudományi Tanszék


Sequentiality and Calculability in Modern Literature

The famous idea of „two cultures” supposes a deep rupture between quantitative sciences and the humanities. In this polarized situation, it seems highly important if the reading of modernist literary works confirms the dichotomy between quantification and aesthetic experience. The essay argues to broaden the relationship between calculation and literature beyond the mere realm of numbers and to pay attention
to the various forms of discursive embeddedness of calculation in modern literature. There are several models through which calculation enters the field of literature and thus the relation of numerical reasoning and literary expression, as well as being full of tension, significantly varies in accordance with the cultural function of calculation.