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Kölcsey Ferenc nyelvtudományi értekezésének eltűnéséről

  • Onder Csaba Eszterházy Károly Egyetem


A Manuscript, Naturally:
On the Disappearance of Ferenc Kölcsey’s Theoretical Work in Linguistics
The study consists of two main parts. The first part presents a critical edition of all the works of Ferenc Kölcsey. The establishment of the research group, the nature of the work, and the publications released between 1991 and 2021. There are more details provided about the volume to be published by the author, including the linguistic works of Ferenc Kölcsey and the results and innovations of his basic research, which sheds new light on Kölcsey’s philological activity in the mid-1810s. The second part of the study presents a specific, related philological problem. According to this hypothesis, after Kölcsey’s death, the publication of his main linguistic work was deliberately withheld, which led to a serious misinterpretation and misleading canonization of Kölcsey’s linguistic oeuvre.