Alkalmazott névtan

Kutatási terület, irányok és lehetőségek

  • Tamás Farkas ELTE Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem
Kulcsszavak: alkalmazott névtan, alkalmazott nyelvészet a névkutatásban, interdiszciplinaritás, névkutatás intézményrendszere, névkutatás története, magyar névkutatás


Applied onomastics. Research areas, directions and opportunities


As an introduction, the study discusses the state of applied linguistics and applied onomastics, their connections with each other, and other disciplines. First, the concept of applied onomastics is approached from the perspective of applied linguistics and onomastic studies. It then examines the appearance and presence of applied onomastics in the scientific arena and the literature, the framework and forums of the discipline in Hungary, including the conference series Applied Onomastics (formerly: Onomastics and Terminology) held annually since 2012. Next, the study emphasizes the possible connections of selected onomastic phenomena and problems and then describes the characteristic subjects of applied onomastics, offering examples of recent Hungarian results. Questions touched upon include: name planning, name policies, names and officiality; translation of proper names; names and lexicography; names and orthography; onomastics in education; dissemination of onomastic knowledge; onomastics and informatics; onomastics and terminology; onomastics and marketing, branding.

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