Magyar Nemzeti Helynévtár

  • István Hoffmann Debreceni Egyetem
  • Valéria Tóth Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: digitális helynévi adatbázis, helynévgyűjtés, helynévgyűjtemény, magyar helynevek, Kárpát-medence


The Hungarian National Toponym Registry  


The website of the Hungarian National Toponym Registry was launched in October 2015 ( The Hungarian National Toponym Registry is a digital database designed to store and manage the complete synchronic and diachronic place name stock of the Hungarian language area. The database consists of two units: the Hungarian Names Archives (, which stores place names in text and excel files (and incorporates approximately 450,000 data) and the Hungarian Digital Toponym Registry (, the early and modern modules of which can be accessed as online databases (incorporating approximately 280,000 data). Data can be retrieved through a number of organisation and search options focusing on different features; the results can be projected to maps; detailed information is available with regard to each name form and indicated place. The paper presents the workings of the Hungarian National Toponym Registry, summarising the project’s progress, some further objectives, and the scientific and social significance of the research programme.

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