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A 26. Nemzetközi Névtudományi Kongresszus

  • Valéria Tóth Debreceni Egyetem
Kulcsszavak: ICOS, Nemzetközi Névtudományi Társaság, nemzetközi névtani kongresszus, konferenciaszervezés, konferenciaprogram, Debrecen, beszámoló


Experience from organizing a congress. The 26th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences

The paper provides insight into the process – usually unknown even in the scientific community – of organizing the 26th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences in order to explain how heroic and elevating an enterprise it is to coordinate a world congress. The author discusses the ICOS Congresses in general; winning of the right to organize; preparations for the organizing procedures; the board meetings; the structure of the programme at the congress; the tasks of the organizers with respect to the professional and satellite events; the organizing team; and financial matters. Finally, numbers are quoted to illustrate the achievements of the congress. These questions are considered worth speaking about because this information may be useful to other scientific communities as well.

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